Activities And Goals

All of attendees are looking for different levels of support and have different aims. We offer a range of activities that allow them to choose what would suit them best. Below are just some of the activities we run and we are also keen to find other opportunities that will be fun and engaging. Whether it's getting into supported living or just making some new friends to have fun with, there's something for everyone at Step Together.


Learning to cook a range of meals that are tasty, easy to make and nutritious. 

Travel Training

Gaining experience of how to deal with different public transport options.

Gym and Swim

Getting fitter and stronger with friends at your own speed and ability.

Day Trips

Fun days out to the zoo, bowling, cinema, museums and so much more. 


Learning to be budget aware and developing independence, great for taking steps towards supported living.


Meeting new people and dealing with new situations together. The world is less daunting when you've got someone to give a helping hand.


Bouncy, energetic and lots of fun. Trampolining is a perfect way to burn calories while having a great time.

Arts and Crafts

Being creative releases stress and allows you to proudly take home something you've made, even in the form of chocolate!

Dog Walking

whether you love dogs or are looking to get over your fear, the Step Together dog walks offer the chance to make friends with some cute pups while taking in some fresh air. 

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